Natural Carpet & Spot Pet Cleaner, 500ml

Natural Carpet & Spot Pet Cleaner, 500ml


As the rain starts to fall and the weather gets colder, we know that some dogs go crazy for muddy puddles creating dirty paws, or make little mistakes in the house. When these paws or pet accidents create artwork on your lovely floors or carpets use Petslove Spots & Carpet Cleaner to easily remove the mess

Petslove Antibacterial Spots & Carpet Cleaner kills germs and is highly effective for cleaning hard flooring, carpet, and furniture. Working hard to lift stains and clean up the mess while leaving behind a fresh grapefruit scent.


Apply this spray directly to a stain, leave for 5 minutes and then dab away with a colorfast cloth.


“My Old dog bruno had a bit of an accident today on the carpet - Cleaned up in no time with no after dog poo smell. It has worked a charm” - Hilary Sifleet