Why Choose Natural Pet Products

Just as you wouldn't use harsh chemicals on a newborn baby, you should also try to avoid chemical-packed pet care products. Fortunately, as people move toward Earth-friendly and natural goods, more and more all-natural pet products find their way to market. Choosing to go all-natural for your pet may reduce your overall pet care product choices, but what you do end up using will be much better for your best friend.

Here are some of the many benefits to switching to all-natural pet products:
1. A proven track record: Many forget that chemical and synthetic products are somewhat new arrivals on the shelves of markets and pet stores. Natural remedies, on the other hand, have been around for centuries and are time-proven solutions to common maladies facing your pet.

2. Natural products are good for the environment: Chemicals eventually make their way back into our water supply, our air and our soil, thus damaging our planet and wildlife. Our pets interact daily with the planet, and when the environment is chemical-laden, expect your pets to ingest chemicals, too. Natural products do not have these nasty environmental side effects.

3. Synthetic compounds can damage an animal's skin and fur: Natural flea and tick remedies, on the other hand, have essential oils that benefit an animal's coat and skin while ridding your pet of fleas and ticks.

4. Pesticides used in pet shampoos can trigger adverse reactions in many animals: These range from simple allergic reactions to premature death. Avoid these pesticides, choose natural, and know that your pet is safer.

5. Natural products are often handmade with care: The quality of handmade products often surpasses the quality of industrially made ones.

6. Certain chemicals used on pets are not meant to be ingested: But just like children, animals swallow, chew and lick just about anything, including those poisonous chemicals. Opting for natural pet care products will ensure your pet's health and safety.

7. Synthetic products affect our bodies as well as those of our pets: Natural products leave our air clean and our bodies happy.

8. Natural products are often made by local boutique stores: Synthetic products, on the other hand, are made by large chemical plants. By supporting all-natural products, you are supporting local businesses.

9. Most all-natural products are not tested on animals: Pet owners can agree that this is an important attribute of all-natural supplies.


10. Synthetic pet products often provoke more allergies in animals: This is due to the many additives used. Pets are less likely to experience allergic reactions to natural products, so you can feel at ease when applying them to your best friend.