About us..

As pet owners, we noticed there were no natural cleaning or grooming products that were mild, gentle, and pH balanced on pet skin. Through our research we realized that we were not alone, pet owners far and wide prefer to use products that are safe and natural enough to be used around the whole family, young and old. For every person or animal, we all know it is healthier to use natural products to reduce allergic reactions, inhaling of yucky chemical fumes and drying out of the skin. 

Here at Petslove we have risen to the challenge and developed a range of pet-specific products that clean, wash, deodorize and disinfect your home and your pets.

Our products are so good, that all of our staff have tested the products in their homes and on their bodies! 

Our main goal is to ensure the market has reliable, trusted and cost-effective natural products for peoples pets and homes and we endeavour to be 100% transparent and honest in what we say and do.

We work to support PAW Justice, to ensure we are encouraging responsible behaviour towards animals in New Zealand. By supporting a New Zealand operated charity that protects the welfare of our pets and animals, we are communicating our passion for pets and the environment.

Petslove has a common goal with Paw Justice; to ensure we offer the best outcomes for our pets, allowing for quality time spent with them. We strive to work with Kiwi businesses to create a community network of like-minded business people and we see this as a beneficial way to the growth and be sustainable.

We hope that you will love them as much as we do!