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As pet owners, we noticed there were no natural cleaning or grooming products that were mild, gentle, and pH balanced on pet skin. Through our research we realized that we were not alone, pet owners far and wide prefer to use products that are safe and natural enough to be used around the whole family, young and old. For every person or animal, we all know it is healthier to use natural products to reduce allergic reactions, inhaling of yucky chemical fumes and drying out of the skin. Here at Petslove we have risen to the challenge and developed a range of pet-specific products that clean, wash, deodorize and disinfect your home and your pets.​Our products are so good, that all of our staff have tested the products in their homes and on their bodies! Our main goal is to ensure the market has reliable, trusted and cost-effective natural products for peoples pets and homes and we endeavour to be 100% transparent and honest in what we say and do.We work to support PAW Justice, to ensure we are encouraging responsible behaviour towards animals in New Zealand. By supporting a New Zealand operated charity that protects the welfare of our pets and animals, we are communicating our passion for pets and the environment.Petslove has a common goal with Paw Justice; to ensure we offer the best outcomes for our pets, allowing for quality time spent with them. We strive to work with Kiwi businesses to create a community network of like-minded business people and we see this as a beneficial way to the growth and be sustainable.We hope that you will love them as much as we do! 







Pet Grooming Collection

Owning a pet is one of the best feelings in the world, they make you happy and healthier, so why not do the same in return? Your gorgeous pets deserve to best kind of pampering, and while grooming may not be the best part of having a furry friend it is a necessary one. Petslove helps to  make the grooming process more enjoyable for you and your best friend, with no harmful ingredients and a natural formulation. We know that you love your gorgeous pets, a smelly pet is no fun for anyone, especially if they want to cuddle. Petslove Shampoo Washes are safe to use on all pets and the best part is they are made from plant based ingredients with no irritating soaps, while leaving your pet smelling great. Petslove loves pets, that's why we make high quality natural products that affordable for all pet owners and are safe for all pets, that are packed full of natural goodness, and don't cost the earth. Plant based they make looking after your fur-babies a breeze, with no nasty or harmful ingredients meaning they are safe and gentle for your pets and our world.  Made with love in New Zealand, by pet owners for pet owners.  

Natural Daily Pet Spritzer

We know that you don't want to give your pet a bath every day, as it may be too wet or too cold or just too inconvenient. A great in-between coat cleaner, Petslove Daily Spritzer is perfect for smelly fur and just like any regular dry-shampoo, you just spray it on and brush it through. Petslove Daily Spritzer is an all-natural product that is made from Rosemary oil that helps to control fleas, Sage oil to calm sensitive skin, Tangerine oil for its antiseptic properties and lavender which is used to help itchy, dry or sensitive skin as well as hotspots. The Spritzer is 100% natural and has a calming effect. It is effective on smelly and wet dogs, or as a calmer after one of their great adventures

DIRECTIONS: Just spray onto your pet’s coat and brush through for a fresh smelling finish.This is designed for smelly coats.A great in-between coat cleaner.This product is Hypo-allergenic, Paraben & Soap Free.

• Perfect for keeping for pets fresh between baths• Sulphate free, pH balanced for pet skin • No added colours• Tear free formulation• Leaves a ‘ahh...relaxing’ Tangerine & Lavender scent behind

 “Just want to thank you guys at Petslove, your Daily Spritzer is great for when I'm too tired or just don’t have time to wash our dog mischief. She’s got super-sensitive skin with water so it’s really hard for me to keep her clean but just give her a quick mist and brush and she instantly looks better and smells amazing, talks about making my life easier” - Simon Thomas, Auckland

Pet Homecare

Pets are part of your home, but you don’t want your home smelling like your pet. Our range of home cleaning products are all natural, non-harmful and will do the hard work for you. These tailor-made products are safe to use around your pets, your family and your home. 

Natural Spot & Carpet Pet Cleaner

As the rain starts to fall and the weather gets colder, we know that some dogs go crazy for muddy puddles creating dirty paws, or make little mistakes in the house. When these paws or pet accidents create artwork on your lovely floors or carpets use Petslove Spots & Carpet Cleaner to easily remove the messPetslove Antibacterial Spots & Carpet Cleaner kills germs and is highly effective for cleaning hard flooring, carpet, and furniture. Working hard to lift stains and clean up the mess while leaving behind a fresh grapefruit scent.

DIRECTIONS: Apply this spray directly to a stain, leave for 5 minutes and then dab away with a colorfast cloth.

• A great stain & odour remover• Contains antibacterial agent to kill germs• A 100% Biodegradable formula• Removes organic stains including; pet accidents, dirt, grass, food, blood and more• Leaves a ‘ohh...fresh’ Grapefruit scent behind

“My Old dog bruno had a bit of an accident today on the carpet - Cleaned up in no time with no after dog poo smell. It has worked a charm” - Hilary Sifleet

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