Natural Puppy & Kitten Wash, 250ml

Natural Puppy & Kitten Wash, 250ml


What could be better than adding a new fluffy bundle of fur to your family? Probably not much. Obviously, the bathtime is the most exciting part of you and your pets day so Petslove has created a Puppy & Kitten Wash, to make bath time that little bit easier for new young pet skin and more fun, for you and your best friend. 

Petslove Puppy & Kitten wash is made especially for soft skins. With natural Chamomile extracts to relax and promote calmness, and Aloe Vera which contains an enzyme that reduces the inflammatory proteins developments in the skin. Cleans without removing natural protective oils from the coat leaving your loved ones cuddly and fresh. Made from plant-based ingredients with no irritating soaps, while leaving your pet smelling great.

DIRECTIONS: Pour the Puppy & Kitten Shampoo into your hands and gently massage into your pet’s wet fur until you get a nice lather, then rinse off.

 I just got a new puppy and he's so cute but has a bit of a problem with toilet training. For some reason he always gets a bit of mess on himself, I was really worried about washing him with anything but I was recommended puppy and kitten wash and it's so gentle and good at removing the mess 10 stars petslove! - Amy Stevens