Natural Smell Be Gone, 250ml

Natural Smell Be Gone, 250ml


We know that owning a pet, is one of the best things in the world. We also know that they don't always leave the best smells around the place, especially when it comes to kitty litter. When this happens use Petslove Smell Gone. It quickly isolates, eliminates and neutralizes smells leaving a fresh apple scent behind that everyone can love. 

Petslove Smell Gone doesn't mask odors it actually kills the odor-causing bacteria, so the smell is gone for good! Great for kitty litter boxes, pet urine and feces it even tackles that strong wet dog smell. Leaving behind a delicious Apple fragrance. 


Just spray Petslove Smell Gone on any bad-smelling areas, such as kitty litter,  it is so safe you can even spray directly onto the animal.


“My favorite Petslove is the Smell  Gone, as our pup has a wee flatulence problem and this spray is our lifesaver! Whenever there is a less than pleasant smell coming from our dog, we spray the Smell Be - Gone and suddenly the bad smell becomes a convincing apple scent. It's amazing!! hehe. The apple smell is very nice and natural, not chemical or disinfectant, but again doesn't linger in the room, just neutralizes the bad smell then disappears. I am definitely going to buy both these products  again, I don't think I could find anything better” - Maddie van de Wetering