Petslove Skin & Coat Conditioner

Petslove Skin & Coat Conditioner

We know that you love to snuggle with your furry friends at the end of a long day, but sometimes your pets get tangled, matted or dry coats and they need a little natural boost.  Make those all-important cuddles that little more enjoyable by using Petslove Skin & Coat Conditioner for softer, smoother and great smelling fur.

Petslove Coat Conditioner is 100% natural with no alcohol in them to irritate sensitive skin designed to restores, invigorates and protects the coat of your pet, leaving them soft and silky. This works for all types of fur,  especially those with longer coats helping to detangle knotted and matted fur. The addition of Almond, Jojoba and Lavender Oils keeps your pet’s fur and skin Moisturised without stripping away the natural oils. Is suitable for all skin types, leaving your best friend, soft, fluffy and happy. 


Mist directly onto your pet’s coat and brush through. You can spray directly on the skin for extra moisturizing. 

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This is the best product I have ever used on my cat Snoopy,  he likes to go under the house and i don't know what he does under there but he always comes out with wild matted fur which is a nightmare - this product saves our relationship - Andrea Potts