Natural Flea and Bug Wash, 250ml

Natural Flea and Bug Wash, 250ml


When you and your furry-friend are having a good belly-rubbing session and you see something that looks like dirt, but it is moving, you know your friend has imposters living in their fur. Fleas and bugs are no fun for anyone. Petslove Flea & Bug Wash helps to reduce and prevent those unwanted visitors. Leaving your furry best friend happy, cuddly and pest free. 

Petslove Flea & Bug Wash is a shampoo that is safe for all of your furry best friends, removing dirt and grime, Effective on hot spots, flea bites and dermatitis naturally repelling fleas and bugs using Neem Oil has been used for centuries as an effective skin treatment and Rosemary extract which is a great organic flea control product.  Made from plant-based ingredients with no irritating soaps, while leaving your pet smelling great.


Pour Petslove flea & bug wash into your hands and gently massage into your pet’s wet hair until you get a nice lather, then rinse off.


“Your petslove flea and bug wash is fantastic, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats at home and they all happened to get fleas at the same time it was great to be able to wash them all with the same product, with no irritations and that alongside an impromptu spring clean has worked excellent - no fleas so far!” - Philippa Jamieson