Natural Daily Pet Spritzer, 250ml

Natural Daily Pet Spritzer, 250ml


We know that you don't want to give your pet a bath every day, as it may be too wet or too cold or just too inconvenient.  A great in-between coat cleaner, Petslove Daily Spritzer is perfect for smelly fur and just like any regular dry-shampoo, you just spray it on and brush it through. 

Petslove Daily Spritzer is an all-natural product that is made from Rosemary oil that helps to control fleas, Sage oil to calm sensitive skin, Tangerine oil for its antiseptic properties and lavender which is used to help itchy, dry or sensitive skin as well as hotspots. The Spritzer is 100% natural and has a calming effect. It is effective on smelly and wet dogs, or as a calmer after one of their great adventures. 


Just spray onto your pet’s coat and brush through for a fresh-smelling finish

 “Just want to thank you guys at Petslove, your Daily Spritzer is great for when I'm too tired or just don’t have time to wash our dog mischief. She’s got super-sensitive skin with water so it’s really hard for me to keep her clean but just give her a quick mist and brush and she instantly looks better and smells amazing, talks about making my life easier” 

- Simon Thomas, Auckland